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Organisation Link
Government of Ghana www.ghana.gov.gh
The Castle, Website of the President of the Republic of Ghana www.ghanacastle.gov.gh/
The Parliament of Ghana www.parliament.gh/
Ministry of Energy www.energymin.gov.gh/
Ministry of Tourism www.ghanatourism.gov.gh/
Ministry of Trade and Industry www.moti-ghana.com/
Ministry of Communications www.moc.gov.gh/
Ghana Districts www.ghanadistricts.com/
Public Utilities Regulatory Commission (PURC) www.purc.com.gh/
Ghana Export Promotion Council
Ghana National Procurement Agency (GNPA) www.gnpa-ghana.com/
Ghana Investment Promotion Council www.gipc.org.gh/
National Development Planning Commission www.ndpc.gov.gh/
National Labour Commission www.nlcghana.org/
Ghana Minerals Commission www.mincomgh.org/
Customs Excise and Preventive Service www.cepsghana.org/
Ghana Police www.ghanapolice.org/
Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) www.chrajghana.org
Ghana Anti-Corruption Coalition www.ghana-anticorruption.org
Ghana Centre for Democratic Development www.cddghana.org
Ghana Integrity Initiative www.tighana.org


Organisation Link
Bureau of Public Procurement of Nigeria www.bpp.gov.ng
The Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA), Uganda www.ppda.go.ug/
Philippine Government Electronic Procurement System www.procurementservice.net/
Philippine Public Procurement Policy Board www.procurementservice.org/
Bangladesh Central Procurement Technical Unit www.cptu.gov.bd/
National Public Procurement Authority, Sierra Leone www.savepublicmoney.sl
Public Procurement Regulatory Authority of Kenya
Public Procurement Oversight Authority of Tanzania www.ppra.go.tz 
Sustainable Public Procurement: Brazilian Federal Government http://cpsustentaveis.planejamento.gov.br
World Trade Organisation www.wto.org
World Bank www.worldbank.org
Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) www.oecd.org
United Nations Development Fund www.undp.org
United Nations Conference on Trade and Development www.unctad.org
Department for International Development (DFID) (UK) www.dfid.gov.uk
Transparency International www.transparency.org
DG Market - Tenders Worldwide and DACON Database www.dgmarket.com

African Commonwealth Countries

Organisation Link
Botswana http://www.ppadb.co.bw/
Cameroon http://www.bppcac.com/index.php
The Gambia http://www.gppa.gm/ 
Lesotho www.finance.gov.ls
Liberia www.ppcc.gov.lr 
Malawi http://www.odpp.gov.mw/home/ 
Mauritius http://www.gov.mu/portal/sites/eprocurement/index.jsp 
Namibia www.mof.gov.na/tender.htm
Rwanda www.rppa.gov.rw 
Seychelles www.ntb.sc
South Africa www.nstb.pwv.za
Swaziland http://www.gov.sz/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=330&Itemid=418 
Zambia www.tenderboard.gov.zm

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PPA E-Bulletin Jan Feb 2019 
PPA E-Bulletin May June 2018 
New Supplier Registration Form 
PPA E-Bulletin March April 2018 
Guidelines on using Framework Agreements 
PPA E-Bulletin January February 2018 
PPA E-Bulletin November December 2017 
PPA E-Bulletin September October 2017 
Unit Cost Estimator and Budget Tool 
Re-Printed Act 663 
UPDATE: July 2017 Update of the Draft Recategorisation of Procurement Entities 
June 2017 Update of the Draft Recategorisation of Procurement Entities 
PPA E-Bulletin July August 2017 
15th Update of the Common User Item Database as at March 2017 
PPA E-Bulletin May June 2017 


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