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The DIRECTOR-GENERAL Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority GPHA Towers, 9th Floor; Tema, Ghana.



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The Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority [GPHA], as the implementing agency under the Ministry of Transport of the Government of Ghana [GoG], is pursuing the procurement of private partners in the development and operations of some port and cargo terminals in the Ghanaian seaports. One of such procurement is under a Public Private Partnership [PPP] program in support of the Upgrade and Expansion of the Port of Takoradi.
2. Over the past few years, maritime trade into Ghana has witnessed significant growth and in pursuit of this development objective, GPHA has embarked on the upgrade and expansion of the seaports at Tema and Takoradi as well as the development of new commercial and fishing ports. Moving forward, terminals and cargo services are being undertaken by local and international private partners with high efficient performance standards.
3. In line with the growing PPP program of the GoG, this PPP project in the Port of Takoradi envisages high level private participation in the operations of various cargo terminals, starting with the traditional dry bulk and mineral ore industry of bauxite, manganese, clinker, limestone, cement and other new prospects. Feasibility studies and preliminary business cases have been undertaken to establish the potentials of these cargo options for the Port of Takoradi. The studies conclude, and corroborate other pervious studies, that there is the need for the redevelopment of the ore-mining cluster as a major part of the upgrade and expansion of the maritime facilities of Ghana. Ghana's current off-shore operations in the oil and gas sector, since 2007, is also expected to further boost the national economy and the maritime traffic.
4. The Dry Bulk terminal being procured under this package aims to provide a modernized facility, deeper berths and the necessary cargo handling equipment systems for a new generation of operations. The existing cargo handling and operations for the export of manganese and bauxite and the import of clinker needs to be completely turned around from its 'double-handling practices' into more efficient and cost-effective systems.
5. The Terminal Operator / Concessionaire is envisaged to be part of the Final Operational Design and development of the terminal to meet the performance objectives. GPHA has already taken steps to develop substantial port infrastructure in readiness for this concession plan. The facilities to be developed by parties will be spelt out in further details to shortlisted participants in a comprehensive project information document during the tender stage and other items required to meet optimum productivity within the Operations concept. The Terminal Operators are expected to introduce cost-effective international best practices into the Port and to attract substantial additional maritime traffic to Ghana.
6. It is for the above goals that the GPHA, as the Concession Grantor, now invites interested and eligible Port Terminal Operators for Bulk Mineral Ore to register their interest for the Concession to complete the Development, Operate and Transfer, back to the Port of Takoradi the Bulk Ore Terminal under this Tender. The duration of the intended Concession is envisioned at Twenty [20] years or more depending on the level of proposed investment. Opportunities exist for further development of services for additional cargo portfolio as volumes increase in the coming
7. The Concession seeks to achieve the following principal objectives:
A. Introduce an independent Terminal Operator into the Port of Takoradi to handle bulk ore cargo for a variety of entities and 'cargo owners' and to generate the necessary incentives for the rapid development of traditional ore mines to the benefit of the Ghanaian economy.
B. Increase the bulk ore cargo throughput capacity and the operational efficiency of the Port of Takoradi, in particular for the sustenance of guaranteed volumes and services within the sub-cluster.
C. Increase employment opportunities for Ghanaians and raise the human resource capacity of the country from this sub-cluster.
8. Interested Parties will be expected to submit statements of Qualifications to GPHA. In evaluating each statement of qualifications, GPHA will assess the extent to which the respondent demonstrates it has the resources, experience and expertise to effectively and efficiently initiate, carry out and deliver the Project.

Special Requirements

The applicant will be registered to receive the REOI Document and would be expected to respond to the terms and conditions of the document, including submission dates, addresses, information package required, sources for clarifications, etc.

For more information about this EOI please contact:

The DIRECTOR-GENERAL Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority GPHA Towers, 9th Floor; Tema, Ghana.









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