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Construction of 1-No 2-Storey 40 Lockable Stores at Ho-Lorry Station, Koforidua.
Supply of Medical Oxygen and Registration of Suppliers for Maintenance items
Supply of Non-Medicine Consumables, Dental, Laboratory and Other Diagnostic Items.


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Public Procurement Board Policy Documents
Policy Documents
PPB Policy | 6/12/2006
In accordance with Section 60 (3) of the Public Procurement Act, 2003 (ACT 663) the Public Procurement Board is required to issue guidelines for implementing margins of preference for domestic Contractors and Suppliers of goods, works and services.
Guidelines for Single Source Procurement Using Public Funds Already Approved By Parliament
PPB Policy | 6/24/2006
The Act requires institutions to secure approval from the Board before they adopt single source procurement. The Minister of Finance and Economic Planning issued guidelines on 17th September, 2004 to explain the process for application of Single Sourcing.
Public Procurement Authority | 10/16/2008
A Framework Agreement (herein referred to as FWA) also known as “blanket purchase agreement”, is one that establishes the general terms governing contracts to be awarded during a given period, in particular with regard to price and, where appropriate, the quantity envisaged.
Foreign Currency Use in Ghana: Bank of Ghana Announcement
PPA Public Affairs | 10/22/2012
PRICING, ADVERTISING AND RECEIPT OR PAYMENT FOR GOODS AND SERVICES IN FOREIGN CURRENCY IN GHANA The Bank of Ghana announces for the information of the General Public that it has come to its notice that despite the earlier Notices Nos. BG/GOV/SEC/98/2 dated 14th January, 1998 and BG/GOV/SEC/2001/9 dated 18th June, 2001 which advised against unlicensed or unauthorized dealings in foreign currency, certain institutions (both public and private) and individuals have been pricing, advertising and receiving or paying in foreign currency, especially United States (US) dollars, for their goods and services without the requisite licence or authorisation.
Public Procurement Authority | 10/22/2012
The Bank of Ghana announces for the information of the General Public . . .
PPA Provisional Charges
PPA Public Affairs | 5/8/2017
New schedule of fees charged for sole source, restricted tendering (SSRT) and ratification requests, posting tenders to the PPA website and training


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