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 Marubeni Corporation vs. VRA - T4 Thermal Power Plant Project

  PPA Legal Affairs | 11/20/2014
  Petition by Complainant - Marubeni Corporation through their Solicitors, dated 20th November, 2014 for administrative review of the unfair treatment of Complainant in the tender process by the Volta River Authority (VRA) for the procurement of a contractor for the Combined Cycle Power Plant EPC Package for Takoradi 4 Thermal Power Project (T4 Project).


 SIC Life Company Ltd. vs Ghana Revenue Authority

  PPA Legal Affairs | 4/30/2013
  Restricted Tender for Employees Group Comprehensive Plan


 Next Generation Systems Ltd. vs Judicial Service

  PPA Legal Affairs | 5/30/2013
  Tender for the supply of various items, Tender No. JUDS/INCT/GPE/05/09


 Malkna Enterprises Ltd. vs University of Education, Winneba

  PPA Legal Affairs | 7/31/2013
  Tender for erection and completion of proposed Institute of educational Development and Extension Building Type 1, Koforidua,Eastern Region, Tender No. UEW/DEV/005/2011)


 Stidij Ventures Ltd vs Social Security & National Insurance Trust -

  PPA Legal Affairs | 7/31/2013
  Tender for the procurement of metal shelving systems at SSNIT Records Centres in Accra and Obuasi, Tender No. GR/SSNIT/GD/0021/2013 Lots 1 & 2


 Torkonoo & Associates Ltd. vs National Petroleum Authority

  PPA Legal Affairs | 8/31/2013
  Tender for the supply and installation of Tracking Devices for Bulk Road Vehicles (BRVs), Tender No. GR/NPA/GD/01/2011


 China Railway Wuju vs Ghana Railway Development Authority (GRDA) –

  PPA Legal Affairs | 8/31/2013
  Design and Construction of the Western Railway Line Infrastructure, Tender No. GRDA/WRLID


 Ayitomeka Grandfadaa vs Volta River Authority

  PPA Legal Affairs | 10/31/2013
  Tender for the construction of Gas Turbine at Takoradi T4 (whistle blower report)


 F.Ayim Ventures Ltd vs University of Education, Winneba

  PPA Legal Affairs | 8/31/2013
  Procurement of materials for Academic Gowns, Tender No.GR/NHIA/GD/044/13


 Angelique International Ltd. vs Ministry of Food and Agriculture

  PPA Legal Affairs | 1/30/2012
  Tender for the construction of a Turnkey Fish Processing Plant at Tema under India Exim Bank Line of Credit, Tender No. RFB/MOFA FD/TEP/01/2010


 Yutees Security Services Ltd. vs Ghana Airports Co. Ltd (GACL)

  PPA Legal Affairs | 1/1/2012
  Procurement of security services


 Smartmatic UK Ltd vs. Electoral Commission

  PPA Legal Affairs | 11/24/2011
  Petition by Complainant - Smartmatic UK Ltd dated 24th November, 2011 for administrative review against the Electoral Commission for purported irregularities in the bidding process to select a company to produce a Biometric Voters Register for the Republic of Ghana.


 SICPA Securities Solutions SA Switzerland vs Ministry of Finance & Economic Planning

  PPA Legal Affairs | 7/31/2011
  Tender for the procurement of Tax Stamps Systems


 General Investments vs Volta River Authority

  PPA Legal Affairs | 2/28/2011
  Exclusion from Bidders conference, Tender for the provision of Gas through LNG imports No. 321/003/3800


 Intelligent Card Productions Systems vs the Electoral Commission

  PPA Legal Affairs | 8/30/2011
  Tender for replacement of the existing Voters Register with Biometric Voter Registration, ITB IFB No. GR/ECGH/GD/003/20011


 Linktell Business Systems vs Ministry of Women and Children’s Affairs

  PPA Legal Affairs | 8/31/2011
  Tender for PABX Systems IFT No. MOWAC/PO/003/2011 & Computers and Accessories, IFT No. MOWAC/PO/003/2011


 Cenpower Domini vs. Central Tender Review Board (CTRB)

  PPA Legal Affairs | 10/31/2011
  Conflict of Interest - Tender Request for Proposals - Bonyere Thermal Power Project/Domunli Thermal Power Project


 Berock Ventures Ltd. vs the University of Ghana, Legon

  PPA Legal Affairs | 12/31/2011
  Construction & completion of proposed Institute of Environment and Sanitation Studies, Tender No. UG DEV/IES/1/09


 M. K. Awi Enterprise vs. Kumasi Polytechnic

  PPA Legal Affairs | 2/28/2010
  M.K. Awi Enterprise Ltd. (the "Complainant") participated in the tender mentioned above, on 25th March 2009, by Kumasi Polytechnic (the "Respondent"). By letter dated 3rd August 2009, the Respondent notified the Complainant that it had been awarded a contract for the supply of certain equipment.


 Belshaw Ltd. vs. Regional Health Directoate, Ghana Health Service

  PPA Legal Affairs | 8/30/2010
  The Complainant, Belshaw Ltd. (Complainant) participated in a Tender by the Greater Accra Regional Health Directorate and quoted for Lot 3, which was for the supply of 40,000 gallons of bleach over a twelve month period, among other Lots.

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